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Smart Ecosystem With Great Utilities

DoKEN is the token of the people. Our vision is to create a smart blockchain ecosystem that accommodates to both developers and investors.


Dividend Hub

It creates a reward tracker instantly. This utility has already helped many projects on Binance Smart Chain.

Swap with Live Chart

With Live Chart you can observe any price movement for the project you want to buy or sell.

Earn With Dojo

Stake your token and earn passive income on our Dojo. With a few simple steps developers can also open their own pool.

Launch with Launchpad

A complete solution for developers to raise funds and launch their projects. DoKEN-Pad and DoKEN-Locker will make project launches much easier.

DoKEN is not just a token, DoKEN is a

Smart Blockchain Ecosystem

DoKEN intends to build a smart blockchain ecosystem, which will accommodate both investor and developer needs.

Dividend Hub

Dividend Hub

A tool which makes developers able to create a reward tracker in an Instant.

This tool already help a lot of developers providing a reward tracker for their projects.

With a few step of registration, developer will be able to have their own reward tracker dashboard without developing it from scratch.

Intuitive Swap

Intuitive Swap

An Integrated Solution which giving you a capabilities to swap while looking at the chart movement in realtime.

Our Swap page also equipped with DoKEN Sniffer, which scan any token smart contract you open at the same time.

Hassle Free Swapping with DoKEN Swap

Dojo Pool

Dojo Pool

With Dojo you can earn passive income by staking into any pools that are available.

Earn High APR with low risk, we believe this would bring more passive income for investors.

Other Project are able to Register or Open their own pool as well into our Dojo



Launch any project on BSC easily, our goal is to develop a transparent and easy to use launchpad platform.

By Providing a secure Launchpad and transparent pricing we sure that it will helps lot of developers to launch their own project in the ecosystem.

DoKEN Locker

DoKEN Locker

Lock any Token or LP Token with our secure DoKEN Locker. This utility can help project owner to lock their token to increase their project trust and creditbility

DeFI-X Wallet

Secure Wallet by DoKEN which embeded by latest technologies inside the wallet App.

Our Wallet includes a network protocol which establishes an encrypted tunnel allowing to login securely.


What is DoKEN

DōKEN is a token that has a vision to create an integrated smart blockchain ecosystem, which is equipped with various tools that are very helpful for investors and developers.

Simply hold DōKEN tokens and get rewarded in BUSD from each transaction. You can claim it manually or it can be delivered to your wallet automatically.

DoKEN prioritizes transparency and investor confidence in project development and We believe this plays a crucial role in the lifecycle of a cryptocurrency project.

Supply Allocation


We will distribute 5% of every transaction to our BUSD Reward Pool, which later is used for rewards distribution to every holders which depends on their holding percentage on the pool.


This tax is collected for buyback in case of a needed push to the marketcap. Theoretically, by doing a buyback, we can restore a bullish position when we face a downtrend market. Any DōKEN sent to this wallet will be burnt at a specific date ( burn event )


We will charge 2% of every transaction and then convert it into LP Token. Then it will be automatically sent and locked into our smart contract which will never be able to withdraw or sold.


We will collect this fee to maintain our project existence and development. 2% goes to Marketing Wallet and 2% goes to Development Wallet. This split between marketing and development fee is for one purpose; which is transparency and clearance.

Marvelous Team

Highly experienced Developers, marketers and community managers who have banded together to develop DoKEN.

DX ( Wawan )

Lead Developer

Professional and experienced in IT & Technology fields for more than 8 years. He brings vision into the blockchain ecosystem.

Hold 6,600,000,000 DoKEN 100%


Community Manager

Creative and skillful communicator who maintains the community.

Hold 6,600,000,000 DoKEN 100%


Marketing Manager

Passionate and Experienced in Crypto Ecosystem for more than 10 years, bringing innovative ideas for brand development

Hold 6,600,000,000 DoKEN 100%


Project Manager

Professional and experienced in IT & Technology Project Management. He helps the team by finding the most efficient & effective ways to execute our game plans.

Hold 6,600,000,000 DoKEN 100%
We dont make promises


We have acomplished lot of things. Swap & Live chart is delivered right away on the launch date.

We also deliver Dividend Hub only in 2 weeks, and we also deliver Dojo for Staking Pool only in 3 weeks.

We Are commited to deliver real product, and not just a fake promises, and we also make a lot of partnership as well thus far.

Smart Ecosystem

Integrated Solution for BlockchainInfrastructure.

Building Dapps is not an easy task, and DoKEN aimed to solve these problems by providing a complete solution for building Dapps and Launching Project using DoKEN Ecosystem.

DoKEN will provide a powerfull API's for Developer which empowered by a powerfull node infrastructure so that we can help other developers to build their project in an ease.

Teamwork & Transparency

Solid Community
Trust And Transparency

DoKEN upholds professional values ​​and transparency to the community. Your voice as community will be heard, and we also involves our community into important decision making.

By doing that we are able to form a solid and powerfull community which always help us to make DoKEN Growing even further

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No more complex codes or boring designs for your reward tracker. Creating an attractive and functional reward tracker has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions.

DoKEN's goal is not just to make some mainstream product that is common with the other run-of-the-mill BSC projects. What sets Doken apart is that
we would like to build an integrated and seamless, smart ecosystem, which we hope that it will help both investors and developers out there.

Initially plotting the concept of Doken for a period of 2 months, Doken had a pre-sale launch on the 6th November 2021 where the 90 bnb Hard cap was filled within 30 minutes. Subsequently the official public launch took place on the 7th November 2021

Right now we already have a Dividend Hub ( we are the first project to have this feature ), Staking Pool / Dojo ( which eradicates unfair bureaucracy for small projects with a low MC) , and also an Integrated Live Chart on Our Swap Page.

We also have our own Token Sniffer ( which was just released a few days ago ) , so that investors will be able to carry out a quick analysis about taxes, max buy and sell etc for any project they want to invest in, located on a single platform.

Not to mention that Doken would also want to provide a powerful APIs for developers, for example, OHLC Data from DEXs, are very hard to obtain these days, and building sa dataset for OHLC is nightmare, especially for BSC projects. Doken wants to provide APIs for other projects who would need that, and that's only one example.

In the end, Doken's goal is to build an integrated ecosystem to make investors and developers' lives easier.

DoKEN is trying to deliver a complete ecosystem for blockchain, which will accomodate all needs for investors and developers.

We have a lot product in the future such as DoKEN-Pad, DoKEN Locker, Defi-X Wallet, DoKEN APIs, and many more

DoKEN is available on our swap page, PancakeSwap and Poocoin

Wanna create strong floor for your project ? Open Staking Pool Now !

WOW !! No Minimum MarketCap Required